Rheumatology Team Approach

Our expert team of Rheumatologists work closely with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists to provide a multidisciplinary team approach towards management of individual patients. Treatment is tailored according to the individual needs of the patient.

Assessment of Rheumatology Conditions

  •  Blood test
  •  Immunology Test
  •  X-rays
  •  Ultrasound scans
  •  Bone Scans
  •  MRI

Treatment of Rheumatologic Conditions

  •  Drugs to relive pain and stiffness
  •  Anti-inflammatory medication
  •  Disease Modifying Drugs (DMARDs) to slow down the progression of the condition
  •  Dietary guidance, helping to reduce symptoms and reduce excess weight and minimising the risk of developing heart disease and other co-morbidities
  •  Exercise advice and planning
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Occupational therapy


We administer intra-articular injections to peripheral joints for the treatment of osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis that can reduce pain, increase function and may be an alternative to surgery. We also give injections for various soft tissue rheumatic pain caused by bursitis and tendinitis.

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