Amenity Beds

What is an Amenity Bed?

An amenity bed is available to NHS patients who wish to pay for the privacy of a single en-suite room whilst their treatment remains with the NHS.  Amenity beds are within Spencer Private Hospitals inpatient facilities, which are adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Hospital at Margate and within the Rotary Suite at the William Harvey Hospital and subject to availability.


Is this the same as being a private patient?

No, having an amenity bed is not the same as being a private patient as no fee is paid to the specialist, and all other aspects of the clinical service provided are the same as for NHS patients.

A private patient pays for a consultant-led service and is usually able to access treatment faster than it is available on the NHS.  Having an amenity bed will not entitle the patient to access treatment any quicker than it is available on an NHS ward.


Can I book an Amenity Bed?

Yes, however an amenity bed is only available subject to availability.  

There is no guarantee that an amenity bed will be available throughout your stay.  If the bed is needed for a private admission, you will be transferred back to a NHS ward and no further charges will be made.


How much will an Amenity Bed cost?

A charge of £400 is payable for each night.  This provides you with a single en-suite room, daily newspaper, television and direct dial telephone. Calls will be charged.

You are also able to choose from the private menu, which offers freshly cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef.*  We cater for individual tastes, dietary, cultural and religious requirements.

For inpatients the charge is based on the number of nights spent on the unit, starting from the day of admission, regardless of the time of admission.  No charge will be made for the day of discharge or transfer out.

*In-house chef not available at William Harvey Hospital



How do I transfer to an Amenity Bed?

If, having read the terms and conditions of the amenity bed service, you wish to be transferred to an amenity bed, please speak to a nurse or the ward clerk on your ward.  They will contact the Spencer Private Hospitals and enquire about availability.

You will be asked to sign an undertaking-to-pay form as an agreement to pay the charges.  This must be signed prior to your transfer.

If is a bed available, your ward will arrange the transfer Spencer Private Hospitals.


Are there any other reasons why I may not be able to transfer to an Amenity Bed?

Other than availability there are other reasons why a request for an amenity bed may not be accepted.  If your condition is such that you need specialist nursing care in any of the hospital specialist units, e.g. Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency Unit or Stroke Unit, you will be unable to be transferred to an amenity bed until your condition stabilises and you are ready to be transferred to a standard ward area.

Spencer Private Hospitals reserves the right to refuse the transfer of an amenity patient.

The consultant has to agree to the transfer as the NHS consultant may not work with Spencer Private Hospitals or may not wish for the patient being transferred.


When will I need to pay?

A deposit will be payable prior to transfer to Spencer Private Hospitals.  You will be kept up to date regarding your balance by the finance department.


How can I pay for an Amenity Bed?

Payment can be made by credit or debit card.


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